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(Livestream TV<<<<) Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings live 26 September 2023

Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins ❱ 26.09.2023 ❱ Hockey ❱ NHL Preseason, USA ❱ ⚡Best Odds & Picks ⭐Accurate Predictions ✔️Live Score & Stats ...

The superstar of Game 1 for the Wings was G Chris Osgood, who had one of his best games of the playoffs when he stopped 31 of Pittsburgh’s 32 shots en route to victory. In his L/3 games, he has only allowed three goals. More performances like that one should see the Wings to their second straight Stanley Cup. It might sound like semantics, but I've hit upon a compromise: Sidney Crosby is the most effective player currently skating in the NHL. Will it be enough to wrestle Lord Stanley's chalice from the icy grip of the Red Wings? I have no idea. But despite my prediction that the men who represent what was once the Motor City will be the last team standing I find myself pulling for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Why? Is it the poetic play of Crosby and Malkin, of Gonchar, Guerin and Satan (pronounced "Jer-tan")? No, my reasons are based on a far greater degree of aesthetic purity. They are as follows: the Pittsburgh Penguins play much better music in their home arena than Detroit does in theirs. C Sidney Crosby, RW Miroslav Satan, C Evgeni Malkin, and C Jordan Staal only combined for one assist and 11 shots on goal for the game. That just isn’t going to cut it against a Detroit offense that just isn’t backing down. G Marc-Andre Fleury didn’t have a miserable game, as he stopped 27 of 30 shots faced. By normal playoff standards, those numbers wouldn’t get it done. By Pittsburgh’s playoff standards, the effort should’ve been enough to keep it in the game. This has been the same Fleury that Pens’ bettors should be used to in the playoffs by now, so it’s going to be up to the stars of the offense to produce more goals if the Penguins are winning the Stanley Cup. The Red Wings couldn’t have pictured getting off to a better start in this series. They played Game 1 as if it was a Game 7, and clearly looked like the better side for the mass majority of the game. Much like Pittsburgh, the stars for the Red Wings really didn’t have fantastic games. Even though Franzen and LW Henrik Zetterberg both contributed to the game-winning goal, there were still no contributions from RW Marian Hossa or C Pavel Datsyuk. Datsyuk is hoping to give it a go in Game 2, but his status with his injury is still up in the air. Red Wings will be last team standing but Pittsburgh Penguins rock, writes Ian WinwoodI was having quite a nice night until, gone 11 o'clock, I idly thumbed over the Yahoo Sports headlines. Expecting to read nothing of interest, instead I almost had a seizure. Why? Because I read that the National Hockey League had decided to bring forward the start of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins by six days. If things go particularly badly for one side, the series could be over before it was originally scheduled to begin. The fact that I wasn't told of this decision – the NHL having presumably lost my home phone number – means that instead of having a relatively early night, instead I had to think on my skates about a series that I didn't believe would begin until this time next week. The following spring, though, the Oilers – which featured no less an alumni than Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, to name but two – had learned to skate with the biggest of boys and thus claimed the first of their five championships in a seven-year span. Ergo, the Pennsylvanians will do the same. Who knows, they just might. Going out on a limb, at the start of the season I predicted the Red Wings would once again capture Lord Stanley's Cup, the most beautiful of sport's trophies, a gift to the Canadian people that was forged in England. But I did not count on the resolve of the Penguins, who I predicted would struggle. This prediction was looking sound right up until February, when the team found itself outside of the play-off frame. Since then, they have not once looked back. They have been led, brilliantly, by Sidney Crosby. A couple of weeks ago a reader replied to my assertion that Washington's Alexander Ovechkin was the best player in the league saying that this claim held little frozen water as the Penguin captain inspired those around him to a greater level of play, thus making his entire team better. I've spent a good deal of time considering this, the evidence of which cannot be denied. Pittsburgh dispatched a previously very handy Caroline Hurricanes in four games. Meanwhile, in "the west" – where one team skates on New York time, the other an hour behind them – the perennially ruthless Detroit Red Wings took five games to chase the Chicago Blackhawks's dream of hockey romance right out of town. It would have been better to stick to the original date and rebuild the momentum of what is a tantalising match-up through TV spots that the league does not do as well as the NBA. But it is what it is, and what it is the first finals to feature the same teams as the preceding year since the Edmonton Oilers faced-off against the New York Islanders in 1983 and 1984. People who think that random events in history hold the key as to what might happen in the future are pointing toward the fact that in 1983 the Americans took the Canadians to the cleaners in the pursuit of their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup. Before we get to the science bit, though, just a quick word about this rescheduling business. I don't want to sound old-­fashioned – because there's nothing worse in the world of sports than sounding old-fashioned – but if the Stanley Cup Finals were scheduled to begin on 5 June then they should begin on 5 June. There will be people who are expecting to attend the games in person, and whose diaries are structured around a series the original dates of which are now meaningless. This is not fair. Watch Game 2: Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Detroit Red Wings Live OnlineThe Stanley Cup Finals continue tonight and JustBet Sportsbook is your home for all of the hockey playoff betting you can handle! The Detroit Red Wings took Game 1 of this series in dominant fashion, easily dismantling the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1. The winning goal was scored in the second period by C Johan Franzen, who has gotten off to a great start in the Finals. The Wings are -140 favorites to take a 2-0 lead in this series. The ‘total’ has come down a tad after the four-goal performance last night, as it has been lined at 5. 5 over -115. Marc Andre-Fleury12-6, 2. 66 GAA,. 904 SV%in playoffsChris Osgood13-4, 2. 02 GAA,. 930 SV%in playoffsThe stars were nowhere to be found in last night’s Game 1 for the Pens. LW Ruslan Fedotenko scored Pittsburgh’s only goal of the game in the first period. The switch is all about television. The online story that nearly sent me to hospital, clutching my chest and gasping wildly, claims, "Plan B was put in place because NBC and the league didn't want to stunt the excitement about the match up that has a potential to draw non-traditional viewers". So, television and the NHL has decided catching the eye of people who don't like hockey very much is more important than playing fair with people who do. Welcome to the modern world. It is also worth having a quick look at "the excitement" this match-up is said to be generating, and which will dissipate if the Stanley Cup finals aren't rushed forward by almost a week. There isn't that much. After the most thrilling round of semi-final matches since man first learned how to skate, the Conference finals were a bust. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings live on the radioHomeSportNHLPittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red WingsNHL - October 18, 2023 at 11:30 PM -On the radio:vs-On the radio:Note: Not all stations are available outside the US. Please try alternate stations if you run into one. NHL: Live Radio Stream & Broadcast TodayListen to the NHL in live stream. The match Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings will start on October 18, 2023 at 11:30 PM. NHL: Join in live with these radio stationsPittsburgh Penguins WESA 90. Detroit Red Wings Dylan Larkin joins Daniella Bruce to preview the upcoming season during Training Camp in Traverse City, MI! John Janson and 248 others. Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins ❱ 26.09.2023 ❱ Hockey ❱ NHL Preseason, USA ❱ ⚡Best Odds & Picks ⭐Accurate Predictions ✔️Live Score & Stats ...

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